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Storytime: The Wild Esquilax

Serena gasped in wonder.
A lithe, young esquilax stood in the meadow that lay just beyond their summer cabin. It milled around, batting its rabbit ears once in awhile, as it browsed the foliage.
"You know, the ancient Psychedelians used to travel the corridors of Psychedelia on esquilaxes," Dyneri explained to Serena.
"They're so lovely..."
Dyneri chuckled a bit. Females were such pushovers for cute little animals sometimes. He got an idea to impress his mate.
"I bet I could ride him."
"Don't do that!" Serena said, "It...it's a wild animal! He could kick you and then we'd have to go to the hospital instead of spending a nice weekend here!"
Dyneri wasn't afraid. Esquilaxes weren't aggressive.
Slowly, he moved toward the esquilax. The creature didn't seem to be afraid of Dyneri. It lazily looked up at him, then went back to eating. Dyneri placed a wing-hand on the esquilax's back, getting ready to hold on and ride.

The esquilax made a surprised noise and leaped up. Dyneri was thrown back a little.
The esquilax shot an angry look at him before trying to kick with both back legs. Dyneri backed away quickly, fluttering back to Serena.
The esquilax bounded away without a sound, disappearing into the thick stand of trees.
"I told you!" Serena scolded.
"Yeah..yeah..." Dyneri said, embarrassed.


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Jan. 21st, 2010 11:43 am (UTC)
They might be pretty and gentle but they're still wild animals!

Such a sweet story, thanks.
Jan. 21st, 2010 10:39 pm (UTC)
There is a legend in Splithia among mountain dwellers. In times of disaster, when one needs to escape, an esquilax will appear and carry them swiftly to safety. They don't let people ride all the time, though...
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