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How did you choose your LiveJournal username? Is there an interesting story behind it?

Well, I tend to have the same usernames across all my site, but I picked Radomir111 for a reason. Most accounts on networking sites I participate in have the names Byzantyan, LaSpliten, or Omegatower. I chose Radomir111 because I wanted something different that people wouldn't recognize as well. Radomir was taken, so I tacked on my lucky number "111" at the end.

Most usernames are characters in my universe, Splithia.
Byzantyan: the purveyor of gold light and creation in Splithia.
Omegatower: Believed to have founded and ruled planet Industria, the second homeworld for the ahrehk'taurs.
LaSpliten: ok, this one is a little egotistical... "Spliten" is the name of the Creator in Splithia, LaSpliten means "The Creator".
Radomir: this is a relatively recent character of mine. He's not in any official stories yet, but I liked his name.