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Work Story and Second Redux

The other day, I felt really bad at work... I made a customer cry. I didn't mean to, I really didn't, but I gotta follow policy.

Here's what happened:
A girl about my age came up to the desk with a ps3 and various other items. She had a receipt for it all, but the receipt for the ps3 was WAY past 90 days. Electronics said no, so I refused but still did the other, non expired items. She started crying. I felt so bad, but policy is policy....

Anyway, here's a new story I've been working on. It's about the battle between the followers of Byzantyan and the followers of Harbinger. In the beginning, a young ahrehk'taur gets hit by the blue light (which is the concentrated energy of suffering). She almost dies, but Adjulya nurses her back to health.

"The Second Redux"
Adjulya felt the signals approaching. They weren't the happy and content ahrehk'taurs she was used to…the stand was tired and in pain. They ran and flew along, some in ahrehk'taur form, some in the form of animals they practiced transforming into. Ajulia moved as quickly as she could to meet them, he massive stone heart pounding at an amazing three beats an hour.
The stand looked so tired…Adjulya felt terrible for them. They had done nothing wrong; this was the remainder of Byzantyan's stand. She had been their beloved leader for so many years, but was betrayed one tragic day and stabbed many times by another stand.
Adjulya had been advised by one of the elder atrooliies that it wasn't wise to get involved with ahrehk'taur stands. They were intelligent creatures and should be left to their own devices. However, when she saw an ahrehk'taur being abused, by diafrillans, proteans, and ESPECIALLY by their own kind, she became so upset!
"Kierlan!" Adjulya called out. Kierlan was her long time friend. She was a lovely dark blue neurotower with cerulean eyes and a purple colored dome. A crowd of smaller ahrehk'taurs gathered around Kierlan. Once they had stopped, the arlings huddled under Kierlan's wings.
She had quite a few children, much to Adjulya's delight. Kierlan was the medic of the stand and she had many arlings she adored and protected.
Kierlan gasped for air. Tears streamed from her eyes…
"Oh Spliten…"
In the distance behind Kierlan and her stand, the sky looked cracked. The ground dropped off into nothingness, every now and then spotted with debris floating in pitch black space.
"Cathedral canyon…it is….gone?" Adjulya was in awe and heartbroken to see that the ahrehk'taur's lovely home had been taken in the blink of an eye.
"Berillyan…" Kierlan moaned sadly. She buried her face in her wings.
"My arling…"
Adjulya's heart sank…
A golden ahrehk'taur approached. This one's bars were extra shiny and they matched the shimmering starburst antenna on her head. This ahrehk'taur had a blue dome with a golden star in the middle. It's wings were incredibly large and beautifully colored in magenta, periwinkle, and aqua. This ahrehk'taur was known as Artesyan among the rest of the stand. Right then, she had a bundle of white blanket cradled in her wings.
"It's Berillyan…" Artesyan went on sadly, "She was struck by blue light on the way out."
Everyone knew very well that blue light was incurable… It could be treated, but the treatment was not always effective.
"Let me hold her…" Adjulya said.
Kierlan did not argue, nor did Artesyan. Atrooliie had lots of energy spilling off their many-paneled back. This could sometimes help blue light poisoned ahrehk'taurs.
Adjulya took the tiny arling into her hand. The first thing she noticed was that this youngster was freezing cold! The arling was so cold that the blanket had formed a layer of frost.
"Oh my…" Adjulya sighed, "She's so cold in my hand…she's like a little drop of snow."
She would have to bathe this little one in a hot spring first to thaw her out… It was such a sad sight that Adjulya felt tears coming.