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Yuletart Special Requests

Ok, here we go… More detailed description of Yuletart requests
Howl’s Moving Castle: The character I liked most was Calcifer, I would prefer you include him in the picture if he’s not the main character of the piece. Also, I liked the anime version of him better.
Futurama: I like pretty much all the characters, but Bender is my absolute favorite.
Pokemon: Please limit the drawing to the pokemon I included…there are a lot of them and I must admit, some of them are less than favorable to me. Also, it’s really early and Serebii was asked to remove the pictures, but there was a little ice cream cone fellow I thought was cute, too. Extra brownie points for rotom and Porygon z :D
Music RPF: My favorite bands are listed, and I do not want any slash art of them. I don’t have anything against slash, but I just don’t want it right now.
Pixar: My favorite movies are Up! And WALL-E. I like all the characters in both, but I especially want to see EVE, M-OH, Auto, Dug, and/or Kevin.
Mario: Mario is just cool, I like him and Luigi and would love to see fanart of them. If it isn’t too much trouble, please put in one of those characters I mentioned with them.
Sonic the Hedgehog: Ok, I cannot stress this enough… NO SLASH for this fandom. I don’t have a problem with slash in general, but Sonic slash…for some reason or other…squicks me. I love the little chao and their protector Chaos…so a picture of them together would be awesome.

Kirby: Kirby was my absolute favorite…so I was a little sad this fandom didn’t make it. Anyhow, the characters I like the most are NOVA, 02, Kracko, Marx, and Burning Leo. But, like the Pixar fandom, I do love them all (except for Whispy Woods). If I have to choose a fave, it’s a photo finish between 02 and Nova…with Nova in a slight lead. Please…for the love of god, do not draw Whispy Woods. One last request from this fandom; please not the anime…I like the games, not the anime.
Ghost Hunters: The ghost in the sanitarium said it the best, “I like the one with the hat.” Jason Hawes is my favorite of them :D

Crossovers: I wouldn’t mind seeing crossovers. If you decide to do a crossover including one of my favorite Kirby characters and YES, please send a dozen roses to my house for my funeral…because I WOULD DIE OF HAPPINESS!!! Pokemon with pretty much anything… Pixar with Beatles or Pink Floyd…the combinations are endless!


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