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Big Generator

The past couple days I had off were nice. I got to see most of my friends and eat a lot of new foods. I'm glad they opened the new asian food market near us because I can try all sorts of new stuff. They have fresh fish and chickens, so I might have to pick up one or two of them and make food for my family. I was thinking salt crust fish, that came out nicely last time.

I've been stuck in a rut as far as art is concerned... I am entering an exchange, so that'll give me something cool to draw.

This song reminds me a lot of the ahrehk'taurs for some reason:
Big Generator

verse 1:
Such a strange pre-occupation
Such a strange peculiar breed
How it's shining in its armour
Made of gold and made of steel
It can strike a chord inside you
Like a generation's need
Speaking happy words of promise

chorus 1:
Big generator
Lives out of sight
Big generator
Hands upon the wheel

Moving to the left
Moving to the right
big generator
moving through the night

Second nature sacrifice
Even if you close your eyes
We exist through this strange disguise

verse 2:
I have heard it said to someone
Or maybe it was me
There is a reason to experience
Psychedelic so we could see
To be growing up before us
Like the black and white of love
Be the focus
Be the chorus

chorus 2:
Big generator
Hands upon the wheel
Big generator
In for the kill

Second nature comes alive
Even if you close your eyes
We exist through this strange device

Moving to the left
Moving to the right
Big generator
Moving through the night

We are the voices of the big generator

Moving through the night

Flying out the soft machine, we offer
All surprise to you
Praise oh praise this anthem generator

Moving through the night

We are the voice of every . . .

A good day even with being sick

I woke up today, coughing and hacking like I had been, only this time my eye was sealed tightly shut. My boyfriend drove me to the minute clinic where I was treated with pink eye. I feel very cruddy, but hopefully I'll get better soon. The doctor said the cold and pink eye were related.

After the doctor, my boyfriend took me to Peter Piper Pizza to cheer me up. We played games and ate pizza for awhile, then he took me a couple other places to look for a mic to play Beatles Rock Band. That game looks like a lot of fun :D Can't wait till my throat is better to sing to it!

Just downloaded some new songs by Yes. It better not be like what happened with Relayer... I got that album and most of the songs are repeats of themselves... Although good songs, I'd rather have several new ones.

A Trying Day, but it's all Better now!

Well...today sucked, but I'm not going to go on about it here because that's what customers_suck is for :D I feel better now that I'm off and can write and draw and bead as I please.

I made some great progress on my new headband. I'll post that right here:

I've got two of the foreground ahrehk'taurs done and now I'm on the 3rd. It'll be a lot easier now that I have the past layers to go by. That black area is where the crystal will go. I made it black because black makes clear crystals stand out better it seems. Also, it fits in with the rest of the headband; almost like a hole is being ripped in space.

Other Recent Crafts
This one's a scarf I made.

This is an ahrehk'taur plushie commissioned by my art teacher. I named her Saffron :)

Writer's Block: It's a Date

Worst date: I dated this one guy for a single day in Phoenix. He asked me out to the movies (we saw the Simpson movie). Now, I'm no gold digger, but when you ask someone else out, YOU PAY!! He didn't pay for a single thing except my two dollar gelato and he complained for like 15 minutes about how the cashier conned him into it by giving him a dirty look. Throughout the whole date, he talked about how his ex girlfriend was a victim of incest and all this disgusting and depressing stuff.

Best: It's hard to decide because I've had a lot of good ones with my current boyfriend. One of the best dates we went on was to a fondue restaurant for our anniversary. Before that, we went on a picnic in the mountains.

Beading Project and Fine Dinner

Well, I started a project not too long ago. I'm making a new headband! This one will be my finest headband yet. It's 40 across and will have a real Swarovski crystal. Here is the progress I've made...it is approximately 1/3 of the way done.

Recently I was invited to participate in a fancy luncheon through the Advertising Club I'm in at school. It has an Alice in Wonderland theme. I'm excited about that...just got approved for the time off :D

I was thinking about making a comic out of one of my stories. The Christmas themed comic I made was a success...in that I finished it, not that anyone read it.


Writer's Block: The supper club

If I could invite ANYONE....and serve anything.... Let's see, I would invite Edmund Halley so we could talk about comets, I would invite Claude Monet, Salvador Dali, the members of Pink Floyd (yes, including Syd Barrett), the Beatles (living and dead), Yes (that's the band), all my friends, the Mad Hatter (not Johnny Depp, the original Mad Hatter), and my cats (living and dead). We would serve a decadent selection of fancy feast (for the cats). I would have a massive, many tiered plate of exotic fruit...and another of exotic cheese and crackers and prosciutto. We would have turducken cooked in a bag with truffle stuffing, we would also have song energy fondue (song energy courtesy of the bands I invited), there would most certainly be a chocolate fountain with oreo crusted marshmallows, pound cake, strawberries, and whatever else I want to go in chocolate. We would have fresh baked bread and special recipe peas along with a ton of desserts; devil dogs, angel dogs, tarts, pecan pie, chocolate creme filled donuts, candies from around the world (including but not limited to Splithia)... the list goes on..


....Well, they did say fantasy dinner party, didn't they?!

Memories, past and present

Another memory I seem to have is very odd, but good. I remember living in a rocky mountainous area with lots of crystal clear hot springs. I remember swimming in the hot springs and bathing whenever I felt like it...taking long baths whenever I wanted. I would get out and anoint myself with various oils and perfumes, grooming my gold fur. I think I was also in the antlered greyhound form, but I might have had another, winged form which I won't describe here. When I got hungry, I would pull up shoots of a certain grass and eat the soft end. I was very relaxed.

Today at work, another employee was talking to me in the breakroom. He was going on about how he went to Woodstock and used to pilot hot air balloons. I wonder if he was telling the truth about the hot air balloons. When I was in kindergarten, my biggest dream was to fly my own hot air balloon.

This is a recent picture I did. I made this for my aunt. Hopefully, I'll finish the comic I'm making before December ends. I'll post that here, too.

Maybe a memory of a past life

I keep having a weird daydream sort of thing, only it's more like a day-nightmare. I'm boldly running down a mountain and the sky is blood red. Nothing around me is alive anymore: the trees are burnt and only black rock protrudes from the mountainside. I feel that I have a massive set of antlers on my head, but my legs, body, head, and tail are more dog-like...resembling a greyhound. I have golden or blonde fur and a curling tail. Someone is riding on my back, but I'm never sure who or what. When I reach the bottom of the mountain, all hell breaks loose and I blindly attack, not caring who or what I destroy. When I finally stop, I pause and feel great sorrow and remorse for what I've done. It is then when a large spear hits me in the back, coming out of my chest. It hurts every time in real life when this happens. I get a bad back ache when this part happens. I flop around for a bit and stare up at the sky. Whoever was riding on me takes off and never even looks back.

I can't really call it a day dream because it occurs whether I want it to or not. It isn't something I like to see, but it happens in my mind and gets clearer every time.

The slowest week ever

Nobody entered my contest I held on my other site. That makes me feel bad. I gave people several months and they were all like "Whoo-hoo! We want to enter." But no one did...no one even asked for an extension. This week has been drawing on so long that it feels like it's been two weeks. I like Christmas, but I hate the crud it brings. I hate the flaky coworkers, I hate the angry, self centered customers, I hate the traffic, and I hate the quickly changing weather we get. Last year at this time I said I would put a bullet in my brain if I had to work another holiday season at Wal-mart...maybe I should start being more true to my word.
Black Friday is a time of year we choose to ignore in our household. In fact, it's to a point now where Mom chooses to cook our turkey a day late. The reason we decided to ignore black friday from now on dates back to an incident at a Kohl's several years ago....and has to do with me being a retail employee.

Mom was trying to buy a digital camera for me for Christmas, but there was a limit of 2 per person and very few in stock. The family ahead of her had about eight kids, so the mom of that family sent each of her little crotch monsters to get two cameras a piece. They sold out before mom got one and she had been there since 4am. Since then, we give Black Friday the middle finger and sit at home relaxing.

....I mean come on! Twenty cameras? What are you going to do with twenty cameras?! All they do is take 'em to Mexico and sell 'em! They don't even keep the damn things.